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Since 1925, The American Legion has sponsored a nationwide youth baseball program. During these past seven decades, millions of young players have enjoyed playing baseball. The American Legion and their 2.8 million members have raised millions of dollars each year for players to learn the importance of teamwork, discipline, leadership and good sportsmanship. The American Legion sponsors American Legion Baseball to give players an opportunity to develop their skills, personal fitness, leadership qualities and to have fun. 

William T. McCoy Post 92  is a major supporter of American Legion Baseball in Minnesota.  We currently support seventy two boys playing on four American Legion baseball teams in Rochester. 


Rochester Youth Baseball Teams






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American Legion Code of Sportsmanship

I will:
Keep the Rules; Keep Faith with
my teammates; Keep my temper;
Keep myself fit;
Keep a Stout heart in defeat;
Keep my pride under in victory;
Keep a sound soul; A clean mind;
And a Healthy body




Why the flag is backwards

Many Legion Coaches wish to know if it is proper to place a Flag Patch onto a team's uniform. The National Americanism Commission has made the interpretation that it is permissible to place a Flag Patch onto the team's uniform. The Flag Code does not address the issue where a patch should be worn, however if a flag patch is sewn onto a Legion baseball uniform, the field of blue should be to the upper left closest to the heart. Therefore coaches should use common sense. The flag we wear appears to most as backwards, however it symbolizes the flag of our Country as It were blowing in the wind as a player moves and runs – Its natural flow. The Flag as a symbol of this Great Nation is to be worn on all uniforms with HONOR, DIGNITY AND RESPECT for which it stands. To learn more about proper flag etiquette, click on the flag.

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